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Requirement for renting a Car in United States

Requirement for renting a Car in United States

In the most part of US, car is basic necessity. One either have their own can or going for rent it from car rental companies. If you are traveler to the any city of this country, you are likely going hire a car. It is available at daily, weekly even monthly basis. It will cost a bigger amount for long term rent of course.

There are some requirements to rent in any country. And you must be looking for them. Don’t worry, the answer of the question “What do I need to rent a car” be give in this article. In case, you will not have to face any inconvenience in US while hiring a rental car.

First of all, when you are renting car, you will not be provided a driver with it. You have to drive the car by yourself.

Most of the car rental companies have their portal or locations at the Airports and other places of the city. You can pick up a car from any location and drop off into other location of that company. Generally, you need to specify the pickup drop off location as per your requirement.

In order to book a car, you have to either go to their location and book car or you can book the car online through company’s official site. If you are at the off Airport location and using the other mode of transportation, car Rental Company will pick you up to their location too.

A valid copy of your driving license is required to rent a car. Any company has the right to verify if their car and you are safe on the way. Almost all the company may ask you for the credit card to book car. Or some company can ask for security deposit before giving you their car. Still few companies give you car on debit card or cash without any deposit. Different company has different policy. Car Rental Express is such a company that offer you car with debit card of cash payment not involving any security deposits.

Age requirement is also a mentionable part when you are out to rent a car. Most of the companies do not allow person user age 25 years. They want minimum age 25 year to give car otherwise put an extra charge. And every person who will drive the car has to be registered at the company. But still there few companies do not charge extra for under age drivers.

You will be responsible for making any damage or personal injury that may happen while you are driving a rental car. You are also liable to pay any damage in the car. Therefore it is suggested to buy rental car insurance before you leave for the road. But make sure if rental Car Company does no add it automatically to the bill.

Car rental price can vary depending on the company you choose, if it is pick season or any major events going on. Car rental companies maintain their car very well and give a newer car.

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