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Must have Protective Riding Body Armor

Must have Protective Riding Body Armor

I know I have always emphasized on helmets as the highest protection priority that you must have. That’s true as it will keep your head and neck safe but what about the rest of your body? As a die-hard rider, I have a ritual before going for any riding trip – ATGATT – which stands for all the gear, all the time. When defensive riding fails, your protective body armor will save your life.

I have walked away from a crash with only a bruised ego. My protective gear had enough armor to protect me from the impact and abrasion as I slid to a halt. Armor reduces the severity of pipe burns, chipped elbows, and other lower-body injuries in general.

The riding pants, jacket, boots, gloves, and riding suits are responsible for protecting your skin and bones. All these gear has body armor of some sort commonly made from Kevlar composite abrasion panels or high-density foam. They cover all major and minor joints cushioning your body in the event of an accident.

As a dealer in motorcycle imports, I don’t mind getting any of these body armor from you.

Types of Body Armor

Armored vests

An armored vest protects your back and torso. When it comes to impact and abrasion protection for your chest and back, you are covered. Most of them are made up of a padded interior and hard abrasion-resistant outer core. You can wear it over a shirt, sweatshirt, or under a jacket.

Armored jackets

Most motorcycle-specific jackets are armored around the elbows, shoulders, back, and chest. It’s mainly made of Kevlar hybrid, leather, mesh, or other all-weather textiles.

Armored suit

Always go for an all-weather riding suit. There are both one-piece or two pieces riding suits.  A suit provides armor for your shoulders, elbow, chest, back, knees, hips, and legs. They have cinch-up ankles and wrists to help protect you from wind penetration. Kevlar hybrid and Leather are good in the summer while textile material is great for rainy seasons.

Armored pants

They come in both leather and textile materials. They provide you with legs, hips, pelvis and knees protection. Look out for those that are most comfortable for your riding style.

Motorcycles boots

I use to prefer riding in hiking boots. I still use them sometimes when I am riding for a short distance. However, riding boots reduce the risk of getting an open ankle or foot injury by 90%. There are so many boots in the market now to serve different purposes and fashion. But all of them should have a slippery-resistance sole, toe protection, and ample ankle support.

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