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What Does a Perfect App Store Screenshot Look Like?

What Does a Perfect App Store Screenshot Look Like?

Icons and screenshots are the first things the user deals with in the mobile application store. However, it does not mean that other components of the application promotion are not important, because everything in complex creates a general impression of your project. Optimizing the block from the screenshots is most effective in terms of increasing conversions in installation.

On the screenshot, the user sees the application screen with the frame of the device and text annotation.

The maximum number of screenshots in the App Store is 5. The first two images are the most important because they will be shown after loading the application page.

The maximum number of screenshots in Google Play is 8. If you have enough information, and the application’s interface is diverse, you should use the full limit. To demonstrate all the benefits of your mobile application, you should try to present it in 4-5 screenshots. It is necessary to determine the benefits, formulate the parameters that are important to your target audience. Next, choose the best part of the application interface that demonstrates them. After defining screenshots, you need to make a set of these images for diverse sizes of screens.

At this stage, it

Must have Protective Riding Body Armor

Must have Protective Riding Body Armor

I know I have always emphasized on helmets as the highest protection priority that you must have. That’s true as it will keep your head and neck safe but what about the rest of your body? As a die-hard rider, I have a ritual before going for any riding trip – ATGATT – which stands for all the gear, all the time. When defensive riding fails, your protective body armor will save your life.

I have walked away from a crash with only a bruised ego. My protective gear had enough armor to protect me from the impact and abrasion as I slid to a halt. Armor reduces the severity of pipe burns, chipped elbows, and other lower-body injuries in general.

The riding pants, jacket, boots, gloves, and riding suits are responsible for protecting your skin and bones. All these gear has body armor of some sort commonly made from Kevlar composite abrasion panels or high-density foam. They cover all major and minor joints cushioning your body in the event of an accident.

As a dealer in motorcycle imports, I don’t mind getting any of these body armor from you.

Types of Body Armor

Armored vests

An armored vest

The Importance of Getting a Quality Car Cover on Your Classic Dodge Challenger

The Importance of Getting a Quality Car Cover on Your Classic Dodge Challenger

If you’re one of the fortunate ones cruising round town in a new Dodge Challenger, you owe it to yourself and to it to put a very good robust automobile cover on it this iciness. Keeping your Challenger warm, relaxed, and dry throughout snow season will do wonders to hold it looking like new all the time! And fortunate for you, there are covers made only for the Dodge Challenger! They are custom made to fit their form flawlessly, which makes them a snap to place on and take off. Find best car cover for jeep gladiator here.

Car covers are so terrific for preserving the critters, dirt, dirt, bird droppings, tree sap, and other junk off of your Challenger. These covers also preserve the wind, solar, rain, hail, and snow far from it too! All of this allows to defend the outside finish of your classic experience so it always seems like its best. The outsides of these covers are made from water evidence or resistant materials to hold moisture from entering into. The insides are fabricated from a gentle, plush cloth to insure non-harmful touch together with your automobile, and to hold the quilt from scratching the finish

Requirement for renting a Car in United States

Requirement for renting a Car in United States

In the most part of US, car is basic necessity. One either have their own can or going for rent it from car rental companies. If you are traveler to the any city of this country, you are likely going hire a car. It is available at daily, weekly even monthly basis. It will cost a bigger amount for long term rent of course.

There are some requirements to rent in any country. And you must be looking for them. Don’t worry, the answer of the question “What do I need to rent a car” be give in this article. In case, you will not have to face any inconvenience in US while hiring a rental car.

First of all, when you are renting car, you will not be provided a driver with it. You have to drive the car by yourself.

Most of the car rental companies have their portal or locations at the Airports and other places of the city. You can pick up a car from any location and drop off into other location of that company. Generally, you need to specify the pickup drop off location as per your requirement.

In order to book

Tips for Choosing the Right Spare Parts for your Car

Tips for Choosing the Right Spare Parts for your Car

Everyone who owns a vehicle knows how much it costs to repair it and provide sufficient care. There are a lot of other things to take care of, other than just the requirements for funding when it comes to the fuel consumption. The change of oil, lining of the brakes and a lot more. Moreover, there are a lot of funds for cars that cost way more than a few of the needs for vehicles. Despite the high costs of care funding, it provides the comfort and support needed.

However, when we talk about the needs of a car, it is way different from whatever is required by the owner himself. Being an owner of a car, there are times when you have to deal with buying parts for your car that are cheaper and less expensive. Many choose to replace the parts that require the most repair instead of changing all of them that are wearing off or would, eventually. These problems are very common in the world of automotive, considering the charge of mechanics. Nonetheless, spare parts provide the required comfort and security.

To all those people who want to save up during the maintenance part of their

How To Take Care Of Power Steering In Order, Not Fast Damage

How To Take Care Of Power Steering In Order, Not Fast Damage

How to Take Care of Power Steering Power steering is a component in the car system that serves to ease the burden when using the steering wheel. With the power steering also, then the car can be easily controlled. This is because the steering wheel performance of the vehicle will be helped by power steering. So the load on the steering wheel is much lighter as well.

Similar to the components in other cars, of course, power steering requires maintenance so that its performance can remain optimal. Actually, how to care for power steering can be simply started from the habits of driving the vehicle properly.

Negligence in driving can cause power steering to be damaged to shorten usage life. That’s why it’s important to treat power steering properly and correctly. Well here’s how to care for power steering with ease.


  1. Avoid Driving On Broken Roads

How to care for power steering easily is to avoid damaged or hollow streets. If your car is equipped with power steering system, it is good to avoid such streets. But if there is no other road that can be taken, then as much as possible you pass it carefully and slowly.


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