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5 Tremendous Advantages of Self-Driving Cars (It’s Not What You Think)

5 Tremendous Advantages of Self-Driving Cars (It’s Not What You Think)

One technological change producing widespread fascination is self-driving cars. The self-driving car is growing more and more into a widespread, practical means of transportation. While many are hesitant about the prospect of self-driving and driverless cars, there’s quite a lot of research and data to back up the claims that self-driving cars can be useful in the future. Here are five reasons to welcome self-driving cars:

1. The roads are safer

At first, it’s hard to wrap our heads around the fact that a car run by computers can somehow be safer than the decision-making skills of humans, but look at it this way: how many crashes were because of human error, be it driving recklessly, speeding or impaired driving?

The data shows that the majority of accidents have been because of humans. Research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) discovered that 94 percent of incidents were because of the drivers themselves rather than the AI. The computers in smart cars simply respond faster than our minds can and aren’t influenced by the possible slip-ups we can make on the road. Therefore, a road full of self-driving cars is a more harmless one.

2. More productivity

Every day more businesses are functioning remotely, or are letting employees work from home more often, because of enhanced productivity gains. Americans spend 26 minutes driving to work every day on average. That’s nearly an hour every day, and it mostly goes to waste. Americans spent a surprising overall total of 29.6 billion hours commuting in 2014. Think about what we could do if we used that time productively.

While a lot of people commute on buses or trains already, many more continue commuting to work in their own vehicles. A self-driven car would let people have some extra time for work, perhaps by knocking out a few emails, or maybe taking a quick nap.

3. We can save resources

Cars can be very costly expenses, even if you’re not in the luxury car category. AAA stated that in America the ordinary annual amount spent on a car is almost $9,000. Of course, some things are unavoidable, such as registration and licensing fees, but other expenses can be dropped or at least diminished with the aid of self-driving vehicles.

Due to the reason self-driving cars are safer, they’ll decrease any accident-induced losses, which is another one of the ways to keep your car in good shape – meaning insurance premiums won’t skyrocket as well. The computers don’t ever slam the brakes unless an emergency is detected, making for better maintenance, slower devaluation, and even better fuel performance.

4. We’ll travel more efficiently

We’ve mentioned some of the advantages self-driving cars will have on the fuel efficiency of your car, but the added efficiency of travel with self-driving cars goes further. Since self-driving vehicles are connected to navigation programs such as Google Maps, they’ll generate the fastest possible route automatically. The architecture of self-driving cars’ programming means the car is also smart enough to avoid delays or accidents before you come to them.

5. Mother nature will thank us

Self-driving cars are of tremendous benefit to the environment. Transportation, overall, was responsible for more than half of the nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide air pollution emitted into the air according to the Union of Concerned Scientists. While many self-driving vehicles may still emit the same gases, the added efficiency would be a large step toward a greener Earth.

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